BeCause Water’s First Charles River Rummage

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On Saturday June 1st, BeCause Water hosted the first Charles River Rummage! Teams of 4 kayakers had 1 hour to pick up as much trash out of the Charles as possible. Each boat was equipped with one net, one pair of gloves, and trash bags. The results were unbelievable! See the pictures for proof! Teams went above and beyond with their rummaging—one even used a large piece of drifting styrofoam as a raft for the rest of their finds.

Once kayakers were back on land, a team of BeCause Water judges gave out the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes: $100 cash, $25 to Amsterdam Falafel, and $10 to Cafe de Boston (respectively). The trash was then sorted into recyclable/non-recyclable piles, and the recyclable portion was given to Save That Stuff. We would like to thank all of our event partners, prize donors, and of course the participants for helping us make this event possible! Also, a special thanks to Charles River Canoe and Kayak for letting us use their facilities. Be sure to stay posted for our next Rummage!

To see all of the pictures from the event, check out our Facebook. Feel free to tag yourself!

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