“An exposure to lead that would have little effect on an adult

can have a big effect on an infant or a child.”

– Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection



Effective  removing on avg. 99.5% of lead

*According to manufacturer. See testing conditions here.



Affordable – the most budget friendly option


Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy – take action immediatly, we’ll handle it


Cleaner, Healthier Water

We use Point-of-Use, Carbon Block filters that remove on average* 99.5% of Lead, also filtering Copper, Chlorine class-1, Particulate class-1, and Taste & Odor.



Certified by the WQA, filters are tested under NSF/ANSI 42 & 53 standards. 

*According to manufacturer. See testing conditions here.


Avoid the Extra Markups

As a specialty resource for Bottle Fillers, our laser-focus gives us a competitive edge in cost, service, and expertise.  


No Budget? Start a Fundraiser

We’ll help you locate and access funds for your bottle filling stations. Learn more below:

“The Ultimate Guide: Fundraising for Bottle Fillers in Schools”


Solve Problem Immediately

Pipe and fixture remediation can take over a year to finish.  

We’ll have you up and running in as short as 7 days.  


We'll Handle Everything

Avoid adding more work to your staff’s busy schedule by utilizing our installation and maintenance service.

Schedule Appointment

Schedule Appointment

1) Schedule Appointment

Schedule an appointment with one of our advisors

2) Assess & Align

We’ll align you with a system best for your setup.

3) Install

Assure your system is set up properly, by utilizing our network of licensed, bottle filler installers.

Boston Public Schools

Newton South High

Westford Academy

Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School

Norwood High School

Norwalk Public Schools

Marion Elementary

Albany School District

Dartmouth College

Wellesley College

Simmons College

University of Northern Colorado

University of Texas

Truman State University

Butler University

Tennessee Tech 

MA State House

USDA Forest Service


State of Wyoming Armed Services

Ohio Air National Guard

Madison Water Utility

Eastern Municipal Water

National Park Service


Q: Do you offer water testing? 

A: We don’t currently offer water testing services, but often help coordinate testing with connections to nearby, third-party water testers. Contact us if you’d like our help.

Q: Do you accept Purchase Orders?

A: Yes, please email Purchase Orders to info@becausewater.com.

Q: How long does it take to receive my new Bottle Filler? 

A: In most cases, we can deliver as soon as 1-2 business days. Exceptions apply during peak season, remote delivery locations, or unique product orders.

Q: Do you offer other Filtration / Treatment systems besides Bottle Fillers?

A: Yes, we also offer freestanding and tabletop water filtered water dispensers with hot, cold, sparkling, and flavored water. Contact us to connect to an advisor.



Q: What do the filters remove from the water? 

A: The filters used in the bottle filling stations filter Lead, Copper, Chlorine class-1, Particulate class-1, and Taste & Odor.

Q: Can I change the filters on my own or do I need to hire BeCause Water?

A:  Yes, you can also choose to manage your own project of filter replacement.

Q: How long do the filters last?

A: Most of the filters used in the Elkay and Halsey Taylor bottle filling stations have a 3,000 Gallon capacity, or about 20,000 bottle fills, typically lasting 6-12 months.

Q: How much do filters cost? 

A: Filter cost depends on the model and volume of your order; however, a general range is $50.00-90.00 / unit. Contact us with the model of your bottle filler and/or quantity size of your order, and we’ll send over a custom quote.



Q: We have our own facilities team so would prefer to handle installation on our own. Is that possible?

A: Yes, of course. In that case, we can advise on the best model, ship you the product, and answer any questions your team has during installation.

Q: What does BeCause Water offer with installation?

A: We serve as a coordinator by connecting you to our network of licensed plumbers who are experienced with bottle fillers to ensure proper and efficient installation.

Q: Are these bottle filling stations ADA compliant? 

A: Yes, all of our bottle filling stations are designed for ADA compliancy when installed properly.

Q: Can I retrofit an existing drinking fountain and turn it into a Filtered Bottle Filling Station? 

A: We advise that existing NON-CHILLED fountains less than 10 years old are suitable for a retrofit. We advise that CHILLED fountains less than 5 years are suitable for a retrofit. Not sure how old your model is?  We can find out for you. Contact us with your existing fountain’s serial #, which you can find at the bottom of your fountain.

Q: I want to convert my existing non-filtered drinking fountains to include filtration, but not sure about the Bottle Filler part. Is there anything I can do?

A:  Yes, Elkay recently released a new Vandal Resistant Filter Retrofit Kit that can be added to existing non-filtered water coolers, fountains, and bottle fillers. Contact us and we’ll align you with the appropriate solution.

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