To Club Pilates Franchise Owner – Ashlie Thomison, setting a positive precedent is more important than making a quick profit.

Fitness centers breed thirsty customers, so it’s clear why most gyms capitalize by selling bottled water.

However, Ashlie Thomison of Club Pilates Bozeman decided that selling bottled water wasn’t worth the cost of harming our planet. For that reason, she choose to install a “water bottle filling station”, making water both free and accessible to her members.

Bozeman, Montana is “one of the fastest growing micropolitan cities in the US.” It is an exciting time to be a part of this forward-looking community – during which time small actions can make a long-lasting impact.

We spoke with Club Pilates’ Ashlie Thomison about the importance of water and sustainability at her new club, which will open on October 7th, 2016.


Why did you decide against selling bottled water?

“While looking at the options of types for water bottles I’m thinking to myself ‘people in Bozeman are not going to go for plastic.’ Also, I have no intention of selling bottled water. I want to encourage the use of refillable bottles versus disposable. There is a precedent set that impacts the decisions we make in this community.”

Did you know? According to Food and Water Watch, the manufacturing, production and transportation of bottled water takes roughly 2000 times more energy as the treatment and distribution of tap water. Bottled water also takes about three times as much water to produce than is in the bottle.


How has the environmental responsibility of Bozeman impacted your decision to install a bottle filling station?

“We are all looking around at the gorgeous mountains and we know that nationally we are losing the beautiful things we appreciate about nature. By feeling such a connection to the earth, environmental awareness is ingrained in the culture. I decided to install the bottle filling station I want to be a responsible business and community member. I hope that this installation helps our community by further perpetuating the culture of environmental sustainability.

Making water available in a sustainable way is crucial because I always stress the importance of hydration and taking care of your body. Hopefully people are chugging when they are at the studio!”

Did you know? Bottle filling stations are taking the country by storm, appearing in many airports, gyms, and schools. Here are 9 Reasons Bottle Filling Stations Should Replace Every Drinking Fountain.


What aspects of the Bozeman community make it a great place to live and own a business?

“Opening a business in a very fast growing, affluent area comes with its challenges, but we are committed to bringing this practice to Bozeman. We have a lot of patience and know that what we are doing is important to further develop the community.

The community is truly passionate about health and outdoors. We are really mindful about what we put in our bodies….eating organic, sourcing locally, and how we are impacting our environment.”

Did you know? Compost collections, monthly water supply reports, sustainability workshops, and a water conservancy events calendar are some of the initiatives that the Bozeman community has facilitated. Montana State University, Bozeman Climate Partners, and the City of Bozeman Department of Public Works, as well as several reporters in Bozeman, are truly passionate about the environment and what they can do to help preserve it. Eric Dietrich is one example of someone helping to educate the community about the importance of sustainability.


How do you hope Club Pilates will impact the community?

“I am excited to see how Club Pilates, a practice for everybody, will positively impact this community. For an active place like Bozeman, I know that in doing Pilates together we are going to enjoy our lives more and we are going to have the ability to do the things we love for life. The Club Pilates mission is “Do pilates. Do life.” and we really believe that everybody deserves to have access to this practice. It will make all of our lives better. “

Did you know? According to BeCause Water’s estimates, the bottle filling station in Club Pilates Bozeman is estimated to indirectly save approximately 25,500 plastic bottles from waste, resulting in a net impact of 4,951 Gallons of Water and 2,179,613 grams of CO2 saved. If every fitness center in the U.S. (there are 36,000) installed a bottle filler, 178,240,053 Gallons of water and 78,466,068,000 grams of CO would be indirectly saved . That’s enough water fill up 3,168,712 swimming pools.



If you are a business owner looking to improve your environmental efforts, or a citizen interested in water sustainability, water quality, or bottle filling stations, visit

Club Pilates and Ashlie Thomison warmly invite you to Club Pilates Bozeman, which opened on October 7th, 2016. Learn more here.